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GQ Financial Solutions was established in 2009 and is currently based in Ballito, with offices also in Gauteng. We not only service clients throughout the country, but also manage overseas accounts that have South African interests. Every client is different, so GQ Financial Solutions will tailor make a package to best suit your individual needs and budget. We handle both Company and Individual clients, in a professional and confidential manner. The success or failure of any Company is reliant on having up to the minute accurate information. You need to know who owes you money and who you owe money to. We will also walk you through the SARS minefield and ensure you do not incur expensive penalties. Think of GQ Financial Solutions as an extension of your Company, or as your personal consultant. We will take the stress out of financial matters and let you get on with the more important things.

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Meet the brains behind the operation

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From the young age of 12, Michelle already had her eye on her career as an accountant. In 1998, at 17, she began studying bookkeeping at the Academy of Learning, and within a year she had been head hunted by an accounting firm that would pave the path to where she is now. She solidified her work values and how to treat clients under the mentorship of Shirley Olsen, going from junior bookkeeper to account manager with a team of 3 in a short period. She worked hard and was eventually awarded a bursary through Unisa to complete her degree.

In 2007, a client she had worked with for 8 years made Michelle an offer she could not refuse. This would give her the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally and open new doors. It was a very good year for her career, as she was appointed the youngest member of the SAIPA Board of Accounting Technicians. Being naturally ambitious, left her wanting to do more, this brought her to the next chapter in her life. 

In 2009, with her sister-in-law, GQ was born as a sideline business. The idea was for both of them to grow in their knowledge of finance and running a business with the final aim being to venture out on their own one day. At the time ‘G’ stood for Gomes and ‘Q’ for Quintino. 

By 2013 the business was doing well and they were on their way to accomplishing their dreams. However, this year brought with it a blow, where Michelle’s then partner decided to relocate to Ballito from Johannesburg and wanted to part ways from the business - the ‘G’ then became Grenfell for Michelle’s now surname and ‘Q’ for Quintino, her maiden name. This wasn’t the only blow that year, the group of companies that Michelle had full time employ with had sold, the new owner agreed to keep Michelle on under GQ, but this was short lived and after struggling with no income and the age old fear to go on her own. “No one is a success alone, we all have someone standing behind us” - and for Michelle this was her husband Ray, who encouraged her to take the final leap and go GQ, full time. Spoiler, she did and has never looked back.

“My struggles and lessons in life and in my career have taught me that doing the right thing will always get you the best results. Its been an amazing 7 years with GQ, and I still have passion for education in numbers, I find it intriguing and exciting and I love what I do. Don’t make clients wait for days for a response and never make them feel like they aren’t as worthy, because you may have more knowledge on certain things than they do. Always show your passion, always show you care, and you’ll never go wrong.”

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We have an extensive background dealing with taxation and accounting demands for a wide range of clients. Having worked with small startups, large corporations, and individuals, We are up for any challenge that comes our way, and welcome the opportunity to be of service.


Tired of trying to keep track of all your taxes in an organized manner? With GQ Financial Solutions, you can take the burden of handling finances off your shoulders! Since 2000, I’ve provided clients across the nation with extensive accounting services and I’m available around the clock for whatever you need.


Are you struggling to understand complicated and tedious financial systems that are driving you up the wall? 
Are you concerned whether you are posting the costs to the correct accounts? 

If you answered yes to any of these Questions then give us a call and will oversee your book keeping and ensure that all is in order. We will supply detailed reports and corrective measures to avoid recurring problems, streamlining your business so you can stay focused.


We have a specialised and professional payroll service not only assisting you as a Business owner in paying accurate and fair salaries every month but also equipping you with the knowledge you need to keep your employees up to date on upcoming and existing TAX laws. 

We also assist in structuring remuneration packages that benefit the Business and Employees.


We are proud partners of Pastel and stand behind there product 100% as we supply only the best of the best. 

We provide support for all versions of the product and will be there for you every step of the way to ensure your experience is exponential. We also provide on hand training ensuring you are comfortable and confident in the what you are doing.


We provide a great personal Tax profile for each client and ensure that you accurately re-reimbursed by the Tax or at least clear of any inquiries and discrepancies. 

We also assist businesses with advice on tax laws and specifications, what is the appropriate VAT conditions for the specific industry you are in and when it is advisable to submit documentation to SARS.

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